Securing a Building Permit in Uganda

Housing is a basic human right, essential for the well-being of  all mankind as per the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of
Uganda . In Uganda construction of buildings has become a large and growing sector with different kinds of buildings being
erected every day. However, Uganda still faces a housing crisis characterised by inadequate homes in terms of quality and
quantity in both rural and urban areas. The housing deficit stands at 2.4 million housing units, out of which 210,000 units
are in urban areas and 1.395 million units in rural areas. An estimated 900,000 units are substandard and in need of replacement or upgrading . Due to increasing population pressure, the situation might get worse, for example by 2022, Uganda’s population is projected to be about 48 million and the population growth is expected to require more than 3 million more housing
units .