Practice Areas

Our team has extensive experience in these often complex and increasingly important areas of renewable energy, oil, gas and minerals. Our natural resources, energy and oil and gas team has the capacity to offer services within Uganda and across the Africa continent. Our experience also o enables to offer service to clients from outside Africa when necessary thereby offering clients the most cost-effective and appropriate solution to all their needs
Environmental law regulates the interaction of humanity with the rest of the biophysical (natural) environment to reduce the impact of human activity on both the environment and, humanity itself. Over the past 15 years attitudes towards environmental protection and management have changed with climate change increasingly becoming real. In Uganda the right to a clean and healthy environment is being is not only important, but is also guaranteed by the Constitution. There is ample environmental that gives effect and substance to this right, and the result of this is both significant and far-reaching on businesses and commercial related activities that increase day by day. This creates a greater need for legal counsel and advice to ensure the effective management of corporate environmental responsibility and devising mitigation and resource strategies and providing advice on civic responsibility.
Our corporate and commercial lawyers are highly qualified to take care of the unique needs of our clients by using our wide range of expert skills to offer the most competitive advantage. Our experience includes both challenging and critical transactions and our ability to manage complex deals continually ensures successful results for our clients.
Constitutional law essentially encompasses the fundamental laws as set out by the 1995 Uganda constitution which regulates the conception, execution and power given to our government. Frank Tumusiime and Company Advocates has extensive experience in advising public and private sector clients in all aspects of constitutional law and the issues related thereto. These issues include human rights which form a crucial part of our constitution and govern the rights of individuals against the state. Our strategic advice and experience in dealing with the appropriate regulators, together with our full-service firm offering, ensures our clients receive the best possible solutions and strategies needed.

Basic Structure Doctrine and Uganda’s Constitutional Order
At Frank Tumusiime and Company Advocates, we seek to avoid litigation where possible and instead provide counsel and advice to our clients, long before the litigation process begins. Our strategy is to ensure that potential litigation problems are solved at the earliest possible stage, and in the most cost-effective and timely manner. Our accessibility and on-hand advice means our prompt response often prevents the necessity of litigation for our clients. However, where litigation is unavoidable, our team uses its immense skills and expertise to ensure a successful resolution even in the most sensitive and complex regulatory, commercial and constitutional disputes.
We are very aware of the Ugandan socio-economic context in which we operate. And more than this, we have deliberately chosen social responsibility as one of our firm’s core values as we believe in, and want, to make a tangible difference. It is with sincere commitment and enthusiasm therefore that Frank Tumusiime & Co advocates provides access to justice to people especially the rural communities who cannot afford to pay. We have plans to established pro bono offices right in the heart of the most poverty-stricken communities, where we can provide these free legal services and educate people about their rights without them having to travel or incur extra costs in terms of coming to our offices in Kampala city.
Property is both an interest-earning and capital growth investment, given that its value can increase over the long term, and that it may be intended to provide a rental income stream. As a long term investment, the capital growth to be achieved will usually exceed overall inflation by some margin. As such property continues to offer one of the most stable long-term investments globally. However, the financial and commercial structures used in property transactions are becoming increasingly sophisticated. We are adept in managing the complexities involved in renting, buying or selling.
We thus offer:
  • Advice on commercial, industrial, residential and retail projects throughout Uganda.
  • Due diligence for acquisitions of commercial and industrial property
  • Property commercial structuring land acquisition
  • Expertise relating to lease agreements and fractional titles
  • Advice relating to oil, gas and mineral rights
  • Land transfers
  • Registration of mortgage bonds
  • Drafting and registration of technical conveyancing documentation, such as servitudes, certificates of registered title, certificates of consolidated titles, general plans and related documentation required to unlock parcels of land for development
  • Registration of townships and sectional title schemes
  • Extensive searches of the records of the registrar’s office and the department of mapping and surveys, in order to verify title condition and servitudes applicable to subject properties in order to provide conveyance’s certificates for due diligence reports
The ever-changing and complex tax environment means we are able to offer innovative and appropriate assistance that is critical to the success of our clients businesses. By understanding the regular changes to legislation we are able to offer an integrated service wherein clients receive the best possible tax and legal advice from our full-service law firm. Our experience in a broad range of sectors and our ability to deliver proactive and timely advice in a multitude of tax areas, including litigation and mediation, employee, indirect, international, and personal tax, means our clients truly benefit from our extensive expertise. Our exceptional ability ensures seamless solutions in various sectors including banking and finance, capital markets, private clients, real estate and VAT.